Our Approach

An Environmental NGO with Entrepreneurial Spirit

Shomera for a Better Environment (“Shomera”) is an Israeli environmental nonprofit organization that has made an impact with over 17 years of pioneering eco-social initiatives.

Our focus is on urban sustainability and quality of life. In the early years, the organization’s local field work in activism, education and community outreach, achieved national impact due to its visionary nature. Today, we adopt a strategic approach with innovative, “green city” initiatives designed to affect change at the national level and engage international stakeholders in dialogue.

Shomera demonstrates a capacity to generate impact far greater than its own size would suggest. Entrepreneurial initiatives are leveraged by strategic alliances forged with academia, business, government and third sector partners as the opportunity dictates. Shomera has exhibited a capacity to both facilitate cooperation between stakeholders as well as directly manage projects with the attention to detail required. Experience has taught that determination, perseverance and optimism are the key ingredients to seeing complex initiatives to fruition.

Shomera’s efforts have received national and international recognition. We have won a variety of awards, and appeared in international forums.

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