Shomera has transitioned over time: The organization grew out of a grassroots effort in 1998 to save the Jerusalem Forest from land development threats, and evolved into a dynamic multi-faceted NGO working in activism, education and community work in the metropolitan Jerusalem area. Our projects achieved national impact due to their visionary nature. Water conservation initiatives, “cleaning and greening” of residential areas, urban design planning, forging the link between Judaism and environment, enhancing wellbeing via permaculture and organic gardening classes, supporting challenged population groups with (organic) gardening therapy are but some of Shomera’s diverse and oftentimes, trendsetting work. At the ten year mark, the organization’s achievements were celebrated with the bestowment of Israel’s “Oscars” of the environmental movement – A Green Globe Award for Local Organization of Excellence.

In 2008, when Shomera transitioned from field-based work to strategic initiatives targeting the national arena, it downsized and relocated to central Israel (Raanana). In entrepreneurial mode, Shomera drove forth its flagship project of recent years “The Greywater Recycling Initiative”- an innovative pilot project designed to promote the integration of greywater recycling in Israel, to contribute to the long term sustainability of the national water economy. Greywater recycling is a facet of Green Building, Water Sensitive City planning, and Smart Cities – all platforms which contribute to wellbeing and quality of life to the ever growing trend of global urbanization. Shomera’s “Greywater Recycling Initiative” received the International Exhibition Cleantech 2010 Award for environmental project of Excellence” as well as recognition on other national and international fronts.

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