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Shomera for a Better Environment ("Shomera") is an Israeli non profit organization whose goal is to build a vital, sustainable urban environment and society. With over fifteen years of pioneering environmental and social initiatives, Shomera strives to affect change through creative  approaches to problem solving and dynamic initiatives with vision and scope.

Shomera aims to inspire others and to set an example as a facilitator of change, with the capacity to generate impact far greater than its own size would suggest – an impact achieved through the fruitful collaboration between all parties involved on each of Shomera's initiatives. By creating sustainability  projects and alliances with academia, government and green businesses, Shomera is on its way to implementing groundbreaking replicable models.

in our early years, our projects, which were implemented in the greater Jerusalem metropolitan area, achieved national impact due to their visionary nature. Today, Shomera's focus  is on initiatives with national and international influence. We strive to contribute to the sustainability of cities and communities via the integration of greenbuilding and green cities practices, water conservation measures, innovation and  community education and outreach. Shomera's current flagship project is "The Greywater Recycling Initiative".

For its initiatives and contribution, Shomera has been granted recognition and awards:

JNF London Canada Negev Dinner  2012 - Event Project
International Exhibition of Cleantech 2010 - Environmental Project of Excellence.

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program for 2009 - first category award

Life & Environment 2008 Green Globe Award -Excellence in Environmental Activity

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program for 2005

Jerusalem Mayor’s Award for Volunteer Organizations in 2005

Minister of The Environment Award for 2003


Over the years Shomera has been further privileged to contribute to urban sustainability through its active role in various national and local forums, including: Life and Environment Board of Directors,   The "Water Coalition" of the Environmental Movement, the only environmental NGO to accompany the "Israel Chamber of Commerce Greywater Recycling Unit", Directors General Committee for Sustainable Development- "The Path to Sustainability Coalition" representative; the Forum of Organizations for the Jerualem Forest.