On Greywater

Greywater Recycling is a water conservation component of “Green Building”, “Water Sensitive Cities” planning and “Smart Cities”, fields growing in popularity and demand with the increasing global trend to urbanization coupled with the concern for maintaining sustainable use of resources and quality of life in cities, particularly in water conscious regions. Greywater, water that has been used for activities such as bathing and washing clothes, can be treated and reused locally to flush toilets (which becomes “blackwater”) or water lawns, replacing the precious drinking water currently utilized for these purposes. The impact on the water economy is long term, as greywater recycling is most economically integrated into new construction starts and deep renovations.

Shomera’s “Greywater Recycling Initiative” and subsequent initiatives, aim to advance greywater recycling in Israel, to contribute to water sensitive city planning and the water economy. Greywater recycling is advancing in water conscious countries around the world. Israel is a world leader in in advanced water technologies and water reclamation, and yet greywater recycling is at an early stage