Greywater Recycling Around the World

Greywater recycling is advancing in water conscious countries around the world. In some of the countries and states, including 29 states in the US, Australia, Japan, Germany, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Jordan, greywater recycling is regulated by law. 

The Australian CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) is one of the main groups involved in promoting the standardization of greywater recycling. According to world-wide standards, the official body responsible for the use of greywater is the one appointed for environmental protection. The use of greywater is usually reliant on approval from the authorities, with financial allowances for private consumers of up to 950-1500 liter per day. The legislation focuses on defining greywater within the law, the method of organization (the body in charge, type of consumers, etc.), definition of system and installation technicalities, quality of the recycled water, prevention of health hazards, methods of protecting aquifer and the public health, and guidance and conditions regarding the use of greywater.